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Welcome to DXiner's Interest Group

A site to chat about issues and technique, working with Textual DXiner and Visual DXiner.

You have access to both the Blog and the Forum ... and people who use TDx and/or VDx, get access to the fault tracking system.

This site has only just started up, so it's looking a bit sparse.

Still the more you join in, the better it'll get.

Development Process

Features …

The Tools

Code Support and Generators for

Please note that all supporting code (1) are supplied and vary according to the generator used
  1. class, dlist and core(operating system abstraction layer) and alternative versions of ANSI libraries

All about Generators

Generators are written with the knowledge of SGI and a schema (for either vbr? or tdx?)

Fun ... a BRON wallpaper

BRON Wallpaper